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摘要:中考英语预测模仿试题试卷及谜底 1.______ useful the book he gave me is ! It tells me how to play _____ guitar. A. What a; the B. How; /C. What an; aD. How ; the 2. ---I_______ slept at all and feel pretty terrible ---Why not


1.______ useful the book he gave me is ! It tells me how to play _____ guitar.

A. What a; the B. How; /C. What an; aD. How ; the

2. ---I_______ slept at all and feel pretty terrible

---Why not take a rest on the sofa?

A. almostB. still

C. hardlyD. already

3. The children heard the ________ shout and looked at each other _________.

A. frightening; in fear B. frightened ;with fear

C. frightened ; in fear D. frightening ; with fear

4. ---Why didn’t you tell him about the exam?

---He rushed out of the room ______ I could say a word.

A. afterB. untilC. beforeD. as

5. The oil _______________, but poor Rose can’t smell as _______ as before .

A. is smelt good; well B. smells good; well

C. is smelt well; goodD. smells well; good

6. ---Jason is too stubborn sometimes.---I quite _______. But he’s always friendly to others.

A. acceptB. argueC.agreeD. admire

7. It’s not _______ that we’d like to talk about. Let’s change the subject.

A. anythingB. somethingC. thing D. everything

8. What a pleasant surprise to see you here !I________ you _________ Beijing.

A. think ,have gone toB. thought , had been to

C. think, have been toD. thought, had gone to

9. The boy wanted to ride to school, but his mother advised him .

A. not toB. not to do

C. to not do itD. don’t do it

10.Mr Wu asked the little boy ________ . Which of the following is wrong?

A. where he left the iPadB. what was the matter with him

C. what was happened to him thenD. if he knew that the sun rises every day

11. ---Hi,Mike! Why were you so sad just now?

---Well, I found the pet I had had __________ went missing.

A. it care for B. cared for

C. it taken care ofD. taken care

12.Youu_________ such clothes because you are still a pupil

A. aren’t allowed to wearing B. aren’t allowed to wear

C. aren’t allowed wearing D. don’t allow to wear

13. ---Could I go outing this weekend, Dad?

---Yes, you ______. But you _______ come back before lunch.

A. could; mustB. can ; must

C. could; shouldD. must ; should

14. --- Don’t you think this type of sticker is available in your shop at any time?

---Yes, ________.

A. That’s all right.B. it isn’t.

C. I couldn’t be more sure.D. I don’t agree. 二、完形填空 先通读下面的随笔,把握其大意,然后从下面四个谜底中选择可以填入相应空缺处的最佳谜底。(本大题共10分,每小题1分)

Why do I want to go to college? No one has ever asked me __15 _ a question. But many times I have asked myself. I have __16__ a whole number of reasons. __17__ important reason is that I want to be a better man.

Many things make human beings different __18_or better than or even superior to animals.

One of the most important things is __19__ . If I fail to receive higher education, my education __20__. As I want to be a fully __21__ man, I must get a well-rounded education, which good colleges and universities are supposed to __2

2__. I know one can get educated in many ways, but colleges and universities are __23__ the best places to teach me how to educate myself. I believe when I am well-educated, I will be a better human being and __24__ fit into society.   

15. A. quiteB. soC. suchD. another

16.A. come up withB. agreed withC. given outD. think of

17.A. MostB. MoreC. AnotherD. The most

18.A. toB. aroundC. betweenD. from

19.A. educationB. weatherC. temperatureD. science

20.A. finishedB. don’t finishC. will not finishD. has finished

21.A. successB. experienceC. developedD. talent

22.A. improveB. graduateC. hearD. provide

23.A. betweenB. amongC. insideD. belong to

24.A. can goodB. may betterC. be able to betterD. be able to best

三、阅读领略 阅读下面的随笔,然后按照随笔内容选择最佳谜底。(本大题共26分,每小题2分)  B

I was waiting for a phone call from my agent. He had left a message the night before, telling me that my show was not to be held any more. I called him several times, but each time his

secretary told me that he was in a meeting and that he would call me later. So I waited and waited, but there was still no call. Three hours passing by, I became more and more impatient. I was certain that my agent didn’t care about my work, and he didn’t care about me. I was overcome with that thought. I started to shout at the phone,“ Let me wait, will you? Who do you think you are?”   At that time I didn’t realize my wife was looking on. Without showing her surprise, she rushed in, caught the phone, tore off the wires,and shouted at the phone,“Yeah! Who do you think you are?Bad telephone ! Bad telephone!”And she swept it into the wastebasket.

I stood watching her, speechless. What on earth? She stepped to the doorway and shouted at the rest of the house, “Now hear this ! All objects in this room — if you do anything to make my husband unhappy, out you go!”

Then she turned to me, kissed me, and said calmly,“Honey,you just have to learn how to take control. ”With that, she left the room.


After watching a crazy woman rushing in and out, shouting at everything that could be seen,I noticed that something in my mood had changed. I was laughing. How could I have trouble with that phone?Her antics helped me realize I had been driven crazy by small things. Twenty minutes later my agent did call. I was able to listen to him and talk to him calmly.

28. Why did the author shout at the telephone?

A. He was mad at the telephone. B. He was angry with his agent.

C. He was anxious about his wife. D. He was impatient with the secretary.

29. What did the author’s wife do after she heard his shouting?

A. She said nothing. B. She shouted at him.

C. She called the agent

D. She threw the phone away.

30. What made the author laugh?

A. His own behavior.

B. His wife’s suggestion.

C. His changeable feelings.

D. His wife’s sweet kiss.


One day last September, as Britney Spears was about to board a flight to Los Angeles from London, a blue bottle fell out of her purse. She quickly put it back in, but not before the camera recorded the event. Spears and her spokesman were both unwilling to say what was in the bottle, but the next morning London’s Daily Express published a page of pictures under the headline “EXCLUSIVE(独家新闻): POP PRINCESS APPEARED AT AIRPORT WITH POT OF SLIMMING TABLETS.” Spears was carrying Zantrex-3, one of the most popular weight-loss pills now sold in the United States. The pill, which is sold at about fifty dollars for a month’s need, contains plenty of caffeine, some green tea, and three common South American herbs(药草) that also act as stimulants (欢快剂). It hit the U.S. market last March and has had a success that would be hard to overstate. Millions of bottles have been sold, and during the Christmas season it was shown in the windows of the nation’s largest chain of vitamin shops, G.N.C. (It is so highly sought after that many of the stores keep it in locked counters.) Zantrex-3 is also sold at CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, an

d other chains, and over the telephone and on the Internet. If you type “Zantrex” into Google, more than a hundred thousand pieces of information about it will appear. At any moment, there are large numbers of people selling it on eBay.   Perhaps the most interesting thing about the success story of Zantrex-3, however, is that it is far from unique—the one and only. There are hundreds of similar prod

ucts on the market today, and they are bought by millions of Americans. And though Zantrex’s producer makes some exciting statements (“the highest-quality weight control compound (化合物)period”), so do the people who sell Stacker 2 and Anorex along with those who sell Carb Eliminator and Fat Eliminator. Almost all of these compounds suggest that they can help people lose weight and regain the lost energy, and often without diet, exercise, or any other effort.   31. Which of the following is also a kind of weight-loss pill?

A. CVS B. Rite Aid C. Wal-Mart D. Anorex

32.The underlined part of the sentence in the first paragraph is most likely similar

in meaning

A. it is difficult to say how successful Zantrex-3 is.

B. you don’t know the success of Zantrex-3

C. you can’t think too highly of the success of Zantrex-3

D. Zantrex-3 is not very successful

33. The text mainly tells us __________________________________.

A. when Britney Spears was found taking weight-loss pills with her

B. how Zantrex-3 became successful in the USA

C. weight-loss pills are very popular in the USA

D. Zantrex-3 mustn

’t be sold on the US market   D

Do American children still learn handwriting in school? In the age of the keyboard, some people seem to think handwriting lessons are on the way out. 90% of teachers say they are required to teach handwriting. But studies have yet to answer the question of how well they are teaching it. One study this year found that about three out of every four teachers say they are not prepared to teach handwriting. Some teachers are teaching handwriting by providing instructi

on for 10 ,15 minutes a day, and then other teachers who basically teach it for 60 to 70 minutes a day — which really for handwriting is pretty much.   Many adults remember learning that way — by copying letters over and over again. Today’s thinking is that short periods of practice are better. Many experts also think handwriting should not be taught by itself. Instead, they say it should be used as a way to get students to express ideas. After all, that is why we write.

Handwriting involves two skills. One is legibility, which means forming the letters so they can be read. The other is fluency — writing without having to think about it. Fluency continues to develop up until high school.


But not everyone masters these skills. Teachers commonly report that about one fourth of their kids have poor handwriting. Some people might think handwriting is not important any more because of computers and voice recognition programs.

But Steve Graham at Vanderbilt says word processing is rarely done in elementary school, especially in the early years. American children traditionally first learn to print, and then to write in cursive, which connects the letters. But guess what we learned from a spokeswoman for the College Board, which administers the SAT college admission test. More than 75 percent of students choose to print their article on the test rather than write in cursive.

34. We can learn ________ from Paragraph 1.

A. teaching handwriting is a basic requirement in teaching job

B. most teachers prefer to teach handwriting

C. teachers spend little time in teaching handwriting

D. a keyboard has taken the place of the handwriting completely.

35. Which of the following is WRONG for traditional handwriting in the USA?

A. The students are taught by practicing a long period.

B. The letters are repeated many times.

C. Handwriting includes two skills.

D. To write in cursive is taught first.

36. The underlined word “legibility” in Paragraph 3 means ________.

A. easy to read B. hard

C. unexpected D. unreadable

37. The best title for the passage is ________.

A. How to improve handwriting in school

B. Right or wrong: the death of handwriting

C. Handwriting involves two skills

D. Handwriting lessons are on the way out

第II卷(主观题 共40分)


(A) 按照句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式。

1.The team leader said he would consider my________ (主动提议) and tell me the plan..

2. The charities will help more people by________(培训) more and more charity volunteers.

3. The green bike over there may be one of those ___________(邮递员).

4. Dr. King received a special gift on his_________(九十)birthday.

(B) 按照句意,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

5. It is the ________ (rain) day these year since I came to this city.

6. He came into the building, ________(follow) his classmates.

7. Miss Clinto came to the dressing room to make_______(she) well dressed.

8. Cycling in spring brings us much ________(please)and makes us strong.

五、动词填空 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。(本大题共8分,每小题1分)

1. Which team do you think (win) yesterday’s football final?

2. What a hard time Liao Zhi had ________ (practise) dancing shortly after she lost her legs.

3. Do you know how this robot ____________(deal) with if it catches viruses?

4. Promise_________(not pollute) the enviro

nment so that the world will be more beautiful..   5. I think the Blacks _________(enjoy) the photos ,for they didn’t notice me.

6. ---How many times ______ Jessia _______(fly) to Paris by the end of April,2013 ? .

--- More than five times..

7. We wondered who our boss ________ (ask) for the engineer to fix the machine.

8. ---My son has no idea which knife to choose.

---The one he took a close look at ___________(cut) well.

六、缺词填空 先通读下面的随笔,把握其大意,然后按照随笔内容和所给首字母,在空格内填入一个适当的词。所填单词在题后横线上必需完整写出。(本大题5分,每格0.5 分)

It may be hard to believe that many people eat insects and bugs(虫子). Insects are now very c___1___ in all of their processed food. I___2____ sitting down at the dinner table and being served a bowl of worms! It’s enough to make most Westerners’ stomachs turn. But in other countries the s__3___ meal makes people’s mouths water. Eating bugs has been around for thousands of years in some countries . Today more百度推广

than half of the people in the world ea

t different kinds of bugs. Not only do these insects t___4____ good, but also they are cheap and of great use to human bodies. In the US, some people eat bugs for q___5___ a different reason that shows their courage. In television shows l___6___ Survivor, players eat beetles(甲壳虫)and spiders(蜘蛛), and viewers watch them at home, f__7__ shocked and sick. Many American people don’t purposely eat bugs, bu

t in the future they may. There are fewer and fewer natural resources and the population is getting larger and larger. Researchers say that insects will be r___8__ for protein(卵白质). If more people did their part to eat bugs and have various diets and did not just go out and eat chicken, beef and pork, the planet would be b___9___ today. Western children are not as n__10__ about bugs as their parents, because they often visit science museums and zoos, and at school they are learning more about the environment and bugs.  七、完成句子 按所给汉语,用英语完成下列句子。(本大题共9分,每小题1.5分)


He _________________________________, though it was cold outside.


She _______________________________ people in poor mountain areas..

3. 我不知道你在哪买的车,买了有多久了。

I don’t know where______________ the car and _____________________ it.


They __________________________________ that they disagree about everything and argue at all times.


________do you think _______________________________ larger than that of Ch

ina?   6.盗贼熟悉的博物馆在警方的节制之下未遭到入侵。

The museum that the robbers were familiar with ______________________________

the police  八、书面表达(本大题共10分)




难忘的事1. 大卫很耐性地辅佐你进修英语;

2. 大卫带你去游览了伦敦;

3. 大卫的母亲在你生病时送你去医院,给你做好吃的食物。

进修收获提高了英语程度,更多地相识了英国的文化。 发出邀请邀请大卫及其家人到你家作客。你会……




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Dear David,

I’ve just got back home. I want to say thanks to you and your family because ……