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Good afternoon, everyone.To begin with,I’d like to introduce myself brifely.My name is Xu Linghong,I’m a student of English major in Hunan institute of science and technology. I am very glad to be here today to study with you. This time I will try to say something about how to teach Unit1 Grade2 in senior school,Getting along with others,the second period .

This is a reading lesson. The unit holds various teaching activities according to the theme of “Getting along with others” .This unit aims to create a relaxed and pleasant study environment and train the students’ ability to use these knowledge synthetically by listening , speaking , reading , writing. By limited curriculum practical activities, we practice agreeing or disagreeing and the usage of adjectives to describe personality.

Position and effect of teaching material :There is a obvious arrangement characteristic of teaching material .It is composed of welcome to the unit , reading , word power , grammar ,the task and project. The teaching material connects excellent pictures with wonderful essays,which attracts students’ attention and arouse students’ interest in study as well. Moreover,it embodys the application of the ability of comprehensive language knowledge and the practicability and intercourse of language .

Teaching aims and demands

1. Knowledge objects

a To help students get a general idea about the text.

b To make students become familiar with the detailed information about the text.

2. Ability objects: To help students master Reading Strategy.

3. Moral object: To learn how to get along with others

4 Teaching key points and difficulties.

a How to make the students understand the passage better.and study the  new ways of language espression.

b How to help the students develop their creative, comprehensive and consolidating abilities.

5 Learning methord : Discussion,listening and reading, Practice.

6 Teaching methods: Elicitation ,Discussion , Explain and Practice,Groupwork , Conclusion

7 Teaching aids : A projector and blackboard

8 Guiding ideology :

This lesson realizes new curriculum standard’s guiding ideology. It completes the teaching content by students center and the Task-Based .Language teaching which contains discussion and groupwork. Acquisition will be maximized when learners engage in them.

Procedures for teaching:

Step 1  Lead-in

1 Discussion. Let my students discuss the followling three questions and then ask a few of them to speak out.

(1) .Do you have any important events or unforgettable experiences with your close friends?

(2). Please share something with us and tell us what to do when meeting with difficulties in friendship.

a. If your friend tells others about your secrets, how will you feel and what will you react?

b. When  your friendship is in trouble,will you stop talking with your friend and make a new friend?

2 Conclusion . By debating , we get the ideals:

(1). We should keep our promise and keep friends’secrets. Honesty is one of the most important factors in the friendship.

(2). Friends should unite and help each other when meeting with some difficulties both in study or in other fields of life.

Aims of this part :It can stimulate students’ rich interest of the topic of friends and help prepare for the study of the text.


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