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摘要:以下是佳构进修网为您推荐的九年级英语上册总温习资料,但愿本篇文章对您进修有所辅佐。 九年级英语上册总温习资料 一、重点词汇 I。按照首字母及汉语提示完成下列单词的拼写





1. Is the Grand canyon one of the greatest w__________(奇观)anywhere in the natural world?

2. I’ll do some r________(评论) about our favorite bands and movies for the school magazine.

3. I am reading about the a__________(陈腐的) pyramids in Egypt.

4. I’m writing a composition c__________(被叫做)The Wonder Of The World.

5. We’ll write a diary of school e___________.(事件)

6. He speaks English n__________(自然地)as a native speaker.

7. I heard from Kenna a week ago, but I haven’t r___________(复原) to it.

8. Suddenly, the clouds c________ (散开)and the rain stopped.

9. The sun always r________(升起)in the east and sets in the west.

10. Water turns into ice when the temperature is b_______(在•••下) zero.

11. On both sides, the canyon d_________(消失) into the distance. Then.

12. The Grand Canyon is not just big. It’s h_________.(庞大的)

13. Right, l_______(仔细听)up, everyone. Here is a piece of good news for you.

14. I got out of the car, went t________ (穿过)a gate and walked along a path.

15.If you put three tallest buildings in the world at the b_________ (底部)of the canyon, they still won’t reach the top.

16. We’re still i___________(影响) by Confucius’ thoughts.

17. Lu Xun is r__________ (尊重)by many readers.

18. Mark Twain is a great writer in American l____________.(文学)

19. Shakespeare is k__________(相识) as a great writer.

20. I was looking for some old c_________ (版本)of the school magazine.

二、 重点词组和短语


!. start a magazine ________________ 2. write down _________________

3. write a diary ________________ 4. do some reviews about sth _________

5. do an interview with sb __________ 6. get good grades __________________

7. write a composition _____________ 8. a wonder of the world _____________

9. ancient pyramids _______________ 10. get out of ______________________

11. go through ____________________ 12. walk along the path _____________

13. go the right way ________________ 14. look over _____________________

15. on the edge of __________________ 16. at the bottom of _______________

17. look down to ___________________ 18. look across to _________________

19.look to one’s left and right __________ 20.disappear into the distance _____________

21. arrive at __________ arrive in ____________ get to /reach ______________

22. be afraid of ______________ be afraid to do sth _____________________

23. because of _______________ 24 . look forward to (doing ) sth ___________

25. (all) kinds of ____________ a kind of _________ kind of ________________

26. thousands of ___________ 27.listen up ___________ 28. look for _____________ 29. find out ______________30. as far as _________ 31. not ----any more_________________

32. no more _____________ 33. not -----any longer________________

34. think about __________think over ____________think of ________________

35. go on doing sth _________go on to do sth __________36. be influenced by _____________ 37. be famous/ well-known for _____________ be famous/ well known as __________-__

38. run away____________39, in the middle of ____________40 for a time ______________ 41. be surprised to do sth ______________42. be pleased to do sth____________

43. be pleased with __________44. see sb alive _________45. do with __________________

46. grow up ____________ 47. become serious _________48. be published for _____________ 49. bad behaviour___________________50. all over the world _______________________



1. 我一点都不知道呢。

That’s __________ ___________ me.

2. 我们要记录下学校天天产生的事,还要汇报各人学校音乐会以及舞蹈俱乐部的工作。

We’ll write ________ _________ ________ school events, and ________everyone ________ school concert and the dance club.

3. 我要就我们喜爱的乐队和影戏些一些评论。

I’ll do some ________ about our favorite bands and movies.

4. 太阳从我身后的岩石远处升起。 我瞥见解面沉降至下面深谷中的一条河里。

The sun _______ behind me and beyond the rocks. I saw that the ground ________ ________ and down to a river.

5. 我俯视着科罗拉多河。

I ________ ________ _________ the Colorado River.

6. 凭我影象,这本杂志是Becky Wang 开办的。

_____ ______ ______ I remember, the magazine was started by Becky Wang.

7. 我们依然被孔子的思想影响着。

We ________ still __________ by Confucius’s thoughts.

8. 马克 吐温是一位重要的作家,可是他不像孔子那样作为伟大的思想家而闻名于世。

Mark Twain is an important writer, but he __________ _________ _________ a great thinker like Confucius.

9. 故事的主题和孩子们的生长及越发成熟有关。

The __________of the story _________ ________ _______ ______ children growing up and becoming more serious.

10. 然后我眺望峡谷的别的一边。

Then I ________ __________ to the other side of the canyon.

四、 重点语法



英语的语态共有两种:主动语态和被动语态。主动语态暗示主语是行动的执行者,被动语态暗示主语是行动的遭受者。 如:

He opened the door.他打开了这扇门。(主动语态)

The door ______ ________.这扇门被打开了。(被动语态)



Paper ____ _______ ( make )of wood now.

Tables can _____ _______ (make ) of stone.

三、一般此刻时的被动语态(am/ is/ are +done)举例

English _______ _________(speak )by lots of people in the world.

The classroom _____ ________(clean ) ______the students every day.


( ) 1. Don’t make so much noise. We _______ to the music.

A. listened B. listen C. are listening D. have listened

( ) 2. I must return the camera to Li Lei. I _______ it for two weeks.

A. keep B. borrowed C. have kept D. have lent

( ) 3. ---When will you tell him the good news?

---I will tell him about it as soon as he _______ back.

A. comes B. came C. will come D. is coming

( ) 4.---Dad, please open the door, it _______. ---OK, dear. I’m coming.

A. locks B. locked C. is locked D. was locked

( ) 5. ---Did you go to Jim’s birthday party? ---No, I _______.

A. am not invited B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t invited D. didn’t invite

( ) 6. A talk on Chinese history _______ in the school hall next week.

A. be given B. has been given C. will be given D. will give

( ) 7. You may go fishing if your work _______.

A. is done B. will be done C. has done D. have done

( ) 8. ---What do you think of the football match yesterday?

---Well. It’s surprising. The strongest team of our school _______.

A. was beaten B. won C. scored D. was failed

( ) 9. ---Would your younger brother go for a picnic this Sunday?

---If I don’t go, _______.

A. so does he B. so he will C. neither will he D. neither does he

( ) 10. The trees must _______ three times a week.

A. water B. is watering C. be watered D. waters

( )11.---It is very _____ of you to answer so many difficult questions.

---Thank you.

A. clever B. pretty C. strict D. healthy

( )12.---How many ____ is the USA made up of?


A. cities B. states C. countries D. companies

( )13---What do you want to be when you _____?

---A doctor.

A. look up B. come up C. get up D. grow up

( )14.---____ will they finish printing the newspaper?

---In five hours.

A. How much B. How often C. How soon D. How long

( )15.---Why not buy a radio and learn English on the radio?


A. Sounds like a good idea! B. It doesn’t matter.

C. Thanks for your help. D. Sorry to hear that.


V。 选词填空

a number of , look over , because of , go down ,be known for

punish , as far as you know , on the edge of , a bit , be made into

1.I have ________ all my pockets but I can't find my key .

2. He walked slowly ______ his bad leg l

3. Don’t put that glass _______ the table , it might fall off .

4. Your article is _______ too long for our paper .

5. The novel __________ a film last year .

6. __________, your school magazine is very popular .

7. The student________ for cheating on the exam last term .

8. Hefei _____ its beautiful park .

9. As the sun ________, it became darker and colder .

10. There are quite _____________ women workers in the factory .

外研版九年级上册 Module 3—4



1. You won’t be a_________(答允) to watch with our fans if that’s what you think.

2. You were d________ (打败)by them last time.

3. Who is your team a___________(反抗) this match?

4. Liu Xiang was e__________(勉励) to train as a high jumper at first.

5. It’s going to be a t_________(艰巨的) match between BIG and HAS.

6. Liu Xiang is trained for gold m__________.(奖牌)

7. Liu Xiang is often asked to a__________(呈现) in advertisements and films.

8. He will be chosen to r__________(代表)China in the Olympic Games.

9. Liu’s c_______ (锻练)Sun Haiping is making sure that he trains regularly.

10. NBA s___________(代表) for National Basketball Association.

11. Project Hope was s_________ (成立)up 20 years ago.

12. What are the a___________ (利益)of computers over books?

13. D_________(数码) camera is a kind of very useful invention.

14. Can I ask a f____________(辅佐)?

15. What’s wrong with an o_____________(普通的)magazine?

16. Can books be r____________(取代) by computers?

17. Books were p________(出产) more quickly after printing was invented.

18. Paper was first c___________(缔造) about 2000 years ago.

19. Knowledge and ideas s________(流传) more quickly after printing invention.

20. With the i____________(引入) of the Internet in the 2oth century, information can be received online.

21. Today we can d___________(下载)music from the Internet rather than buy CDs or tapes.

22. Yu Qiuyu is a great writer and has p___________(出书) many popular books.

23. Paper has ever been made from c__________(棉花) and w________(木头).

24. The first printed books were made by putting ink on a w_______(木质的) block and holding the paper against it.

25. The p___________(普及) of mandarin(普通话) is very quick .



1. stand for __________________ 2. be defeated ________________

3. get no chance ______________ 4. get to sb ___________________

5. allow sb to do sth _____________ 6. be allowed to do sth_______-______

7. ask sb to do sth _______________ be asked to do sth________________

8. be mad with sb ___________________ 9. try to do sth __________________

10 try doing sth ____________________11. advise sb to do sth _____________

12. be advised to do sth _____________ 13. some advice __________________

14. first of all______________________ 15. around the world ______________

16. invite sb to do sth _______________ be invited to do sth ________________

17. be chosen to do sth ______________ 18, represent China _______________

19. record music ___________________ 20. make sure ____________________

21. an overnight success_____________ 22. set up _______________________

23. encourage sb to do sth ___________ 24. be encouraged to do sth __________

25, compare --- with ________________26.ask a favour ____________________

27. borrow sth from __________________ 28.lend sth to sb _______________

lend sb sth________________ 29.take some photos of ___________

29. an online magazine _______________ 30.from now on ________________

31. be replaced by ___________________ 32.a couple of __________________

33.promise to do sth ________________ 34. turn off / on _____________

turn down / up ___________________ 35. charge the battery ____________

36.. see to sth __________________ 37. be left at school ______________

38. look through the magazine ________ 39. on one’s way to _____________

in a way ________By the way _______in this way _______This way ___________

40. go to sleep ____________ fall asleep ______________ be asleep ___________

41. be made of ____________ be made from ________________

Be made in____________ be made by__________________

Be made for___________ be made into_________________

42. (sth ) be used to do sth____________ (sth)be used fo doing sth ____________

(sth) be used by ___________________(sth) be used as __________________

(sb) be/get used to doing sth ______________ (sb) used to do sth __________

43. learn to do sth _______________ 21. at a time ____________________

44. by hand _______________ 23. as a result ___________________

45. at the beginning of _____________ 46. after that ____________________

47. rather than ___________________ 48. so that ______________________

49. so --- that _____________ 50. in order that _________________

51. for ages _____________ 52. in the 1990s________________

53. what’s more _____________ 54. in the near future ____________

55.It is said that _________________




Don’t let them _______ ______ you, Tony.

2. 由于刘翔已经世界闻名了,他还会被邀请做告白,拍影戏,甚至录唱片。

__________ ________ Liu Xiang is well known all over the world,he _______ also _____ _______ _______appear in ads,and films, and even to record music.

3. 起初,锻练勉励刘翔练跳高。

At first, Liu _______ ________ _______ train as a high jumper.


It ______ ________ _______ in 2001 to help young sportsmen and sportswomen.

5. 那不要紧,我会处理惩罚的。

It doesn’t matter. I will _________ _______ that.

6. 天天黄昏我妈妈在家翻阅杂志。

Every evening, my mother ________ ___________ magazines at home.

7. 可是在谁人年月,依靠手工,一次只能建造一本书。

But at that time,books _______ only ________ ________ one at a time by hand.

8. 从那之后,常识和思想迅速流传开来,其速度之快,可与20世纪,因特网的引入相媲美。

After that,knowledge and ideas spread quickly, in a way,that ______ ______ ________ _________ the introduction of the Internet.


Now information _______ ________ ______ online,or _________ __________the Internet rather than found in books.

10. 这次我没有被选中。

I ______ _________ this time.

11. 我认为我们是那么好以至于我们将被邀请打奥林匹克角逐。

I think we are so good that we _____ ______ _____to play in the Olympic Games.

12. 1998年,刘翔的跨栏技术被他的锻练留意到了。

In 1998, Liu’s skill at hurdling ________ ________ by his coach.

13. 他的表示被拿来和世界最好的运带动的表示对比。

His performance ______ ________ __________the world’s best players..

14. 它将被刊行在校园网上,也可以在线阅读。

It _____ _______ _____ on the school website adnd _____ _____ _____ online.

15. 电池已经两个月没有充电了。

The battery _______ ______ ___________ for a couple of months.

16. 这些呆板比书更小更轻以便于他们可以或许被随身携带。

These machines are lighter and smaller than books so that they ______ ______ __________ easily.

17. 在学校下周去博物馆旅行时,我想拍些照片。

I __________ ________ _______ take some photos on the school visit to the museum next week.

18. 你们的校园杂志已经出书了吗?

_________ your school magazine _________ _________ yet?

19. 此刻同样的信息可以再电脑上读到,甚至是听到。

Now the same information _________ _______ ________ or even _________ _______ on computers.

20. 你担保它不会被借给别人,也不会被忘在学校。

You must promise it ________ ________ __________ to anyone else, and it ________ _________ _________ at school.



1.一般已往时态的被动语态 布局:主语+was/were+p.p(已往分词) 如:

This story _______________( make ) into a film last year .

2.一般未来时态的被动语态 布局:主语+will be +p.p(动词已往分词) 如:

This story _______________( make ) into a film in the future .

3.此刻完成时态的被动语态 布局:主语+have/has been +p.p(动词已往分词) 如:

This story _______________( make ) into a film and we have seen it .

4. 含有情态动词的被动语态 布局:主语+h情态动词 +p.p(动词已往分词) 如:

This story should __________(make )into a film because it is so funny .

IV. 选择正确选项。

1. My shoes are worn out , can they __________?

A. be mended B. mended C. are mended D. mend

2. The medicine must _________ on time .

A. take B. taken C. be taken D. are taken

3. The trees ___________ on both sides of the road .

A. can planted B. can be planted C. plant D. are planting

4. _________ the machine _______ for keeping warm ?

A. Is, used B. Do , use C. Is ,using D. Did ,use

5. Today computers ______ in both cities and towns .

A. were using B. are used C. were used D. are using

6. Oh, this is a big shop , Do you know when it _________?

A. built , B. was built C. has built D. has been built

7. Don’t eat the food , It ______.

A. is smelled bad B. smells well C. smelled badly D. smells bad

8. The 2009 China F1 car race _________ in Shanghai .

A. is being held B. will hold C. has held D. will be held

9. The flowers ________ every day , or they’ll die .

A. must water B. can be watered C, should water D. must be watered

10. I believe that those mountains ______ with trees in a few years’ time .

11. ----What do you think of the football match yesterday ?

----Well , It ‘s surprising , the strongest team of our school ______.

A. was beaten B. won C. scored D. was failed

12. A talk on English study ______ by Smith this Friday .

A. will give B. will be given C. gives D. were given

13. To make our country more beautiful , rubbish _______ into the river .

a. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown

C. can’t throw D. may not throw

14. He like singing , and _________ in the room .

A. hears sing B. is heard sing

C. is heard singing D. is heard to sing

15.This kind os clothes _____ well , and it ________.

A. sells , has been sold out B. is sold , has been sold out

C. sold , has sold out D. was sold , sold out


V 选择正确的短语或词并用其正确形式填空。

in a way ; in this way , in the way

1. ---How can I work it out ?

--Look ! you can work it out __________.

2. That chair is ______ , move it please .

3. Don’t be angry with him any more _______ he was right .

be made of ; be made from ; be made in

4. The chopsticks _____________bamboo, the wine ___________ grapes , They __________

different places

a pair of , a couple of .

5. He always wears ____________ glasses .

6. The water in the fish tank hasn’t been changed for __________ days .

defeat , win

7. I am sure that our football team will ________ the game .

8. Though the match was very tough, we _________ them .

for ; against

9. We are _____ building a factory in the area because it may destroy the environment .

10.This plan is wonderful , so all the students are ______ it .

九年级上册Module 5—6



1.I wasn’t paying a_________ (留意)to what you were saying.

2.I was looking at the s__________(雕塑). It looks real.

3.It’s kind of f________(熟悉) . It looks like Daming.

4. The most u________(差异寻常的) museum in London is the Science Museum.

5. You aren’t allowed to touch the e_________(展品) in most museums.

6. Look, he is f__________(填满) a bag with falling sand.

7. You can d________(顺便旅行) in the Science Museum for a few minutes.

8. He wants to move the truck into the correct p_________(位置).

9.You can compare your s_________ (速度)with animals there.

10. It’s w__________(挥霍) to throw away glass, paper and metal.

11. So every class collects r_________ (可轮回的)waste, sells it for recycling.

12. Everyone agrees we must be c__________(当心的) about pollution.

13. I’m hopeful that everyone thinks about p__________(污染).

14. If we don’t protect the air and water, the future will be h_______(无但愿的).

15. Do you buy clothes just because they are the l________(最新的) fashion?

16. R__________ (淘汰)means “use less”.

17. Do you s______ (分类)the waste before throwing it away?

18. Waste does h_________ (危害)to our environment every day.

19. We should buy products made from recycled m_________(质料).

20. The simplest everyday activities can make a d_____(差异)to the environment.



1. as well _______________ 2. as well as ________________

3. be familiar with ___________ 4. on one’s own _______________

5. pay attention to _______________ pay no attention to ______________

6. hang on ______________________ 7. have got to do sth ___________

8. by Friday ________________ 9. go off ______________

10. no wonder _______________ 11. be busy doing sth ___________

12, be busy with sth ________________ 13. do experiments ________________

14. (sb ) be not allowed to do sth ________________________

15. be different from _________________ 16. learn about sth________________

17. work things out __________________ 18. try out ideas __________________

19. fill sth with sth ___________________ be filled with _____________________

20. travel into space ______________ 21. fast enough ________________

22. obey the rules ________________ 23. above all __________________

24. drop in ______________________ 25. as long as you like __________

26. as long as _______________ as soon as _______________

as much as possible _____________ as much as sb can ________________

27. No entry __________________ 28. No smoking _____________________

29. over the years _____________ 30. have a lot to offer ________________

31, offer to do sth _______________ 32. offer sb sth ____________________

33 environmental education _______________34. be careful about/of _________

35. care about ____________ look out __________ look out for sth_____________

36. throw away ____________ 37. collect reusable waste ____________

38. raise money ____________ 39. save energy /electicity ____________

40. help sb do sth _____________ help sb with sth _______________

41. be made abroad____________ be abroad____________ go abroad _______

42. instead of _________________ 43. sort the waste __________________ 、

44. produce the waste ____________ 45. do harm to___________________

46. everyday activities ______________ 47.make a difference to _______________

48. reduce pollution________________ 49. choose local products _____________

50. if possible ____________________ 51. if necessary____________________

52. take part in ___________________ 53. polluted water ___________

54. be good for _________ be good at ____________ do well in

55. hear about __________ hear of _________________ hear from ___________



1. 克制喧哗!

No __________! Don’t ___________.

2. 我适才没留意你在说什么。

I _________ __________ ___________ to what you were saying.

3. 你们延误的时间太长了,咱们走吧。

You ________ _________ so long. Let’s go.

4. 旅行科学博物馆很有意思,而且这也是相识科学的一个号要领,因为你可以寻求谜底、实验想法。

_________ the Science Museum is fun and it’s a great way to learn about science because you can _______ things ___________ and ______ _______ ideas.

5. 在哪里,你可以和动物比速度。

You can _________ your speed ________ animals there.

6. 最重要的是科学博物馆是免费的。

_________ ________, the Science Museum is _________

7. 也就是说你可以顺便进去看一会,也可以愿意逗留多久就逗留多久。

That means you can ________ ______ for a few minutes or stay as long as you like.

8. 每小我私家都认为我们应该慎重看待情况。

Everyone agrees we must ________ __________ _______ the environment.


It’s _________ to throw away glass, paper and metal.

10. 你体贴环保和节能吗?

Do you ________ ________ __________ the environment and ________the energy.

11. 我们都需要一个有益康健的情况,可是我们天天都在制造垃圾,而这些垃圾对情况有危害。

We all need a healthy environment,, but we produce waste every day, and it _______ ________ _______ our environment.


In fact, even the simplest everyday activities can _____ _____ ______ ______ to the environment.

13. 固然把一些对象酿成另一些对象会耗损能源,但照旧比把他们扔掉或烧掉要好。

Although it ________ _______ ________ ________ something into something else,it’s better than throwing away or burning them.


When you buy things,________ ________ they can last long.

15. 最好利用塑料午餐盒和瓷杯,因为它们可以轮回利用。

It’s better ______ _____ a plastic lunchbox and a china cup because they _____ ______ ________.






1. Now it gets warmer and warmer because the p_______ (pollute) is getting more serious.

2. We should do something for e______________(environment) protection, so that we can protect the earth.

3.We should r_______(use) waste and save energy.

4.Do you know the d_________(different ) between the Internet and the World Wide Web?

5. We should buy p_______(produce) made in China.

6. Don’t do h_________ (harm )to the environment.

7. It’s n_________(necessary ) to protect our earth right now.

8. W_________ (when)you come here, I’ll invite you to my home.



( ) 1.I’m thirsty .Please ____me a bottle of water.

A. take B. carry C. pull D. bring

( ) 2.I hope you can ______me.

A. agree with B. agree about C. agree to D. agree on

( ) 3.The scientist is very modest. He never______.

A. show off B. shows on C. shows off D. show on

( ) 4.You can _____cake _____ten pieces.

A. divide, into B. be divided ,into C. divided, into D. be divide, into

( ) 5.The window was broken. Try to ________ who has broken it.

A. find B. look C. find out D. look for

( ) 6.This book is _____for a six-year-old child to read.

A. enough easy. B. enough easily. C. easy enough. D. easily enough.

( ) 7.You shouldn’t be too _____about things that you needn’t know.

A. strange B. surprised C. exciting D. curious

( ) 8.He explained ____why he didn’t come to our party.

A. us B. for us C. with us D. to us

( ) 9. Would you mind _____your bike?

A. use B. to use C. using D. used

( ) 10.---It’s so kind of you to give me a ride to the station.


A. It doesn’t matter B. Never mind

C. Don’t mention it D. Not at all. It’s a pleasure

( ) 11. ---I arrived at two this afternoon.

---I_______ you________ arrive at three.

A. think, will B. thought, are going to C. thought, would D. think, would

( ) 12. ---Why didn’t you go to see the flower show yesterday?

---Because I _______it twice.

A. see B. saw. C. have seen D. had seen

( ) 13. The boy with____ unusual face said that he had__ useful machine at home.

A. a, a B. a, an C. an, a D. an, an

( ) 14. They________ home _________ the night of April 7, 2002.

A. got, in B. reached, on C. arrived, in D. arrived at, on

( ) 15.She felt ___________when she sat there __________.

A. alone, lonely B. lonely, lonely C. lonely, alone D. alone, alone




九年级上册Module 7—8



1.I have to i________(想象) that I’ve been there.

2. There were kangaroos jumping a________(沿着) the car on our way back.

3. Uluru is the A_________(原始的) name for Ayers Rock.

4. We took a h_________(直升机)tour on the first day.

5. I was s________(惊奇) at how big it was.

6. The ancient stories describe the s________ (精力)that created the world.

7.The Australians have many British r_________(亲人).

8. The camel that I rode had a bad t_________.(性情)

9.Their family life is s__________(相似的) to ours.

10. Are you going to e________(介入) the photo competition?

11. He’s the p_________ (摄影师)who won the photo competition last time.

12. I am in with a c_________ (时机)to win.

13. We didn’t e________(等候) to see you.

14.We were very p_________ (兴奋的)with the photo competition.

15.Compared with other years, we r_________(收到) many more photos.

16. Tian’anmen Square is the largest p_________ (民众的)square in the world.

17. Her photo shows the size and beauty of the square p_________(完美地).

18. A c__________ (收集)of photos won the prize for the Most Unusual category.

19. It i__________(包罗) photos of different parts of the city.

20. He has agreed to present the c____________(庆典).

二、 重点词组


1. do a project about ____________ 2. have a look at______________

3. in the center of ______________ 4. a huge sailing boat____________

5. by the way_________________ 6.at the moment________________

7. be surprised at______________ 8. change from… to…_____________

9. be similar to_________________ 10. in the south of the country____________

11. go on a camel ride____________ 12.have a bad temper____________

13.at the front______________ 14. get on_________________

15.something wrong with __________ 16.have a chance to do sth______________

17.expect to do sth_______________ 18. pick … up________________

19.be pleased with_________________20. even though _______________

21. give prizes to __________________ 22. win the prize for________________

23. be far from____________________ 24. mange to do sth _______________

25 give … a hand__________________ 26. agree to do sth _________________

27. the prize-giving ceremony_________28. at the end of __________________

29. the same as ____________________30. congratulations to our winners_______




What are you_________ _______?


Would you _______ _______ _______ to find them ?


Sydney Opera House is like a _______ boat_______ water on three sides .

4. 你可以借用它,但要在你完成有关澳大利亚的项目之后。

You can _______it ,but _____ ____ you have done your project ______Australia..

5.澳大利亚人有很多英国亲属,他们在很多处所与我们相似。The Australian have many British ______ and they’re like us ______ ________ ___________ .


The food and drink _____ ______ _______ _______are grapes,lamb ham .and especially wine ______ _____ ________in the south of the country .


The games _____ _____ ______ _____ _______ are football ,cricket and rugby .


We ______ _____ _____ _______ ________ the camel t____ ____ ______ had a ______ _______,and I got very ________ .


I want to get some good photos , but I can’t see _____ _________ _________


It is the band which ______ ______ _____________

11.你工作办得怎么样了?新课 标第 一网

How did you_______ ________ ?


We are very________ _______ the photo competition , ________ ______other years , we__________ many more photos .


_____ _____all of the photos are excellent , we can’t ______ ______to everyone .

14. 这个作品由来自同一个学校的三个学生完成,很好地反应了北京差异地域的风采。它乐成地展示了使北京闻名于世的富厚的文化。


Three pupils at the same school _______ _______ this entry .It ____________ photos of different _______ of the city, it _________ shows the ________ __________ which ________ Beijing so___________ .


He has_________ ________ ___________ the prizes at the prize-giving ________ ______ ______ _______ _______ this month .

四. 重点语法讲练

1.that, which, who 引导的定语从句


定语从句等于用从句作___________身分,修饰______或________。被修饰的词叫作___________;从句与先行词之间的毗连词叫作__________。指物体时,常见引导词有that/which;指人时,常见引导词有who. whom 等

2.that 和which的区别


Eg. 1). The camel____________ I rode had a bad temper.

2). It successfully shows the rich culture ___________ makes Beijing so famous.

3) He put away the book from___________ he had learned a lot.


1.The book ______ you want is on the desk. Which of the following isn’t right?

A. that B. which C./ D. it

2.I’ll never forget the days ______ we spent together in the country.

A. which B. on which C. when D, on that

3.Is that book ______ he borrowed on Friday?

A. that B. which C. the one D. who

4. Mr. Herpin is one of the foreign experts who___in China.

A. works B. is working C. are working D. has been working

5.The first school ______ we visited yesterday is not far from here.

A. that B. which C. to which D. where

6.We should learn from those___ are always ready to help others.

A. who B. whom C. they D. that

7.The train ______ she was traveling was five minutes late.

A. that B. on that C. by which D. on which

8.The teacher said ______ wanted to go to the cinema must be there before 6:00,

A. those who B. that C. who D. which

9.______ has questions is welcome to ask.

A. Who B. Anyone C. Those D. Anyone who

10.Is there anything __________ I can do for you?

A. which B. what C . that D. on which



1. Don’t talk about such things __ you are not sure.

A. which B. what C. as D. those

2. Is this the factory __ you visited the other day?

A. that B. Where C. in which D. the one

3.Finally, the thief handed everything __he had stolen to the police.

A. which B. what C. whatever D. that

4. All ____is needed is a supply of oil.

A. the thing B. that C. what D. which

5. She heard a terrible noise, __ brought her heart into her mouth.

A. it B. which C. this D. that

6. The two things ___ they felt very proud were Jim’s gold watch and Della’s hair.

A. about which B. of which C. in which D. for which

7. The magazine ____ Betty paid one dollar was very good.

A. that B. which C. for which D. to which

8. We admired him for the way ____ he faced his difficulties.

A. in which B. in that C. which D. how

9. There is only one problem ___ they disagree.

A. about which B. of which C. on which D. that

10. He is a man ___ we can learn very much.

A. of whom B. that C. of who D. from whom

11.—What did you find in his house?

—Some paper boxes ______ books.

A. fills B. full C. fills with D. full of

12.—Where is the radio ____ was bought last week?

—On the table over there.

A. who B. it C. that D. this


—He’s watching TV in the room.

A. What is he up to B. Where is he going

C. When is he leaving D. How is he now

14.—I’d like to win a prize in the computer competition next week.


A. Be careful! B. I bet you do! C. What’s it about? D. Sorry to hear that.

15.—Would you like a hand to clean the windows?


A. Great! Thanks. B. You are welcome. C. Wow! It’s amazing! D. It doesn’t matter




1. This isn’t one of the cartoons which make you l__________.(笑)

2. The c__________(脚色)I like are heroes like superman or Batman.

3. It will be a cartoon which will have a happy e__________.(末了)

4. Tom will be in d_________ (深的,大的) trouble if he can’t find the camera.

5.There are other cartoon f___________ (喜欢的人、事物)which are older.

6. It tells a story of a monkey who l_______ (率领)a group of monkeys against the emperor of the heaven..

7. “Havoc in heaven ” has become a common e_________ (表达) used by a boss or parents when they see a mess in the office or at home.

8. The books have been t___________ (翻译) into over 50 languages.

9. China just c_______ (庆祝)her 60th birthday on oct.1st,2009.

10. Adults with e____________(有履历的)life understand cartoons better.

11.My legs a_________ (疼)after the basketball training every evening.

12. I have just b________(碰) into the headteacher.

13.He doesn’t look like someone whose fitness and health i________ (感乐趣)him very much.

14.Oliver is a young cook who wants to i________ (提高,改进)school dinners.

15. They p__________ (更喜欢) ice cream to fruit.

16. Teachers said children b_________(表示) badly after lunch.

17. They didn’t know e__________ (足够的)about food and health.

18. In the end, Jamie p___________(说服) them to try his cooking.

19. Teachers should e_________(教诲)their students heart and soul.

20. Teenagers may r___________ (拒绝)to face their mistakes because of feeling ashamed.

二. 重点词组


1. over there _________________ 2. have a word with _____________

3. win the heart of ______________ 4. ever since _______________

5. make sb. do sth. ____________ 6. go over to speak to sb.__________

7.be in deep trouble __________________ 8. make a mess ______________

9.return to … _____________ 10. translate…into ________

11. more than/over __________ 12. hold a birthday party__________

13. leave one on one’s own __________ 14. all the time ______________

15. be able to do sth. ________ 16..give up doing sth.____________

17. a place of interest _________ 18. do some cooking __________

19. a bit tired_________ 20. strong enough _______________

21. need to do sth. ______________ 22. take a lot of exercise__________

23.do weight training____________ 24. bump into ____________

25. decide to do sth. ___________ 26.hard work __________

27. refuse to do sth. ______________ 28. persuade sb. to do sth. ________

29. in order to dosth._______________ 30. had better(not) do sth. ____________




I can___________ every drawing in the cartoon, and I know ____ _______ will be .


It is_____ ___________ ___________ , this is________


Can you tell him I’d like to _____ ___ _______ _______ him .

4. 假如Tony 汇报他爸爸他把借来的相机丢了,他就有大贫苦了。

If Tony tells his dad that he’s _______the camera he borrowed , he will be_____ ______ ___________

5. 这讲的是一只猴子教育群猴反抗玉皇大帝统治的故事。

It tells the story of a monkey who ________ a group of monkey______ _____ _______ of the Emperor in heaven .

6. 他飞到一个桃园里,想吃几多桃子就吃几多桃子,把每一个房间搞得参差不齐。

He________ into a peach garden and eats ____ _______ peaches_____he likes, he ________ ________ _________ in each room


“Havoc in heaven “has become___ ___________ ________ _______by a parent and a boss when they ______ ________ the house or office and ____ __ ___________

8, 自从比利时漫画家于1929年创作出丁丁这个形象,75年来他一直深受人们喜爱。

Tintin has_______ ____________ for 75 years , ______ _______Belgian cartoonist invented the character in 1929 . and now he has ___________ an important birthday in China .


His books _____ _______ ____________ _______ more than 50 languages .and about 200 million copies _______ ______ ________ .

10. 我不可是为孩子们画卡通,有糊口经验的成年人领略得会更好。

I didn’t draw the cartoons only for children , adults who _______ ________ _________understand them_________.


Don’t______ ______ , if you want to _______ _______ .


You need to______ _____ ____ ____ _________--go running and _____ _______ __________


Do’t _____ _____ ____ _____ _______ , I am______ ______ _____ use the camera any more .

14, 不行能!是我父亲给我零费钱,而我差一点把他的相机给丢了

________, It is my father ______ ________ me pockey money , and he is the person _________camera I__________ lost .


I have just________ _______ the head teacher .


He doesn’t______ ___________ someone _______ ________and health _________him very much



Junk food isn’t just ______ _______ the body , Children ______ midday meals were ________ were difficult to teach in the afternoon , Teachers said that Children __________ _________after lunch .



Jamie_________ that the children didn’t ________ _______ healthy food and he ______ ________that they didn’t ______ ______ __________ food and health , and they didn’t have very muh money to________.


It was ______ _________ , he cooked healthy meals for them_________ meat, rice and vegetables .but the teenagers _______ ___ ______ the new food .

20 .最后,当杰米说服孩子们去尝尝他做的饭菜,他们开始喜欢吃了。

______ ____ _______ , when Jamie _________ them ____ ______his cooking , they liked it .

四. 重点语法讲练


1. 引导词的省略:定语从句中,引导词在从句中做_______时,引导词可以省略。

Eg. The cartoons___________ I like have lots of jokes.

2... whose引导的定语从句:假如引导词在从句中做_________,暗示"谁的……”寄义时,就要用whose.

Eg. He is the only student in our class__________ father is a policeman.


1.Have you seen the film Titanic, ___ leading actor is world famous?

A. its B. it’s C. whose D. which

2. The radio set___last week has been out of order.

A.I bought B.I bought it C.which I bought it D.what I bought

3. His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone___family was poor.

A.of whom B.whom C.of whose D.whose

4. The washing machine___last Wednesday works well.

A.I bought B.I bought it C.which I buy D.that I bought it

5. A child ___ parents are dead is called an orphan.

A. which B. his C. whose D. of whose

6. The building ___ windows are bright at night is our school library.

A. that B. which C. whose D. of whose

7. The teacher ___ is at that desk over there.

A.you should talk to B. you are talked to C.you are talking D.whom you are talked to

8. The famous basketball star__ tried to make a comeback,attracted a lot of attention.

A.who B.when C.which D.where

9 He is___everyone respects.

A.the person B.the one which C.whom D.who.

10. Can you tell me the name of the factory ___you paid a visit last week?

A. what B. which C. to which D. to that



1.---I heard Daming still didn’t pass the Endlish exam.

--- _____. We should help him a lot.

A. That’s a good news B. It’s no laughing matter

C. You’re welcome D. Don’t say so

2. There are some cartoon _____, such as the Monkey King, Nemo, Sherk and so on.

A. character B. favourite C. favourites D. writers

3. Monkey King tells the story of a monkey _____ leads a group of monkeys against the rule of the Emperor in Heaven.

A. which B. who C. when D. where

4. It’s against the law for him to rush into ________ house without being allowed.

A. my own private B. his own private C. his own D. His

5. The whole series of Tintin began to _____ in December, 1984 in China.

A. publish B. published C. publishing D. be published

6.He asked______for the violin.

A.did I pay how much B.I paid how much

C.how much did I pay D.how much I paid

7.John fell asleep_____he was listening to the music.

A.after B.before C.while D.as soon as

8.That’s the only thing______can’t be forgotten in my life.

A.that B.which C.who D.whom

9.Herry with his friends_______volleyball every Saturday afternoon.

A.play B.plays C.has played D. have played

10.You____play with fire, Tom. It’s dangeroud.

A.needn’t B.may not C.mustn’t D.wouldn’t

11.The coming rain will make it possible for the sports meeting to be______.

A.put up B.put away C.put down D.put off

12.---Bob speaks Chinese quite well.

---Yes,_______. He practises______Chinese every day .

A.So does he, speaking B.He does so, to speak

C.So he does, speaking D.He so does, speak

13.______delicious food you have cooked !

A.How a B.How C.What a D.What

14.---Would you like to watch TV or listen to music ?

---______. I’m busy with my homework. Thank you.

A. Both B. Neither C.Alone D.Either

15.If you don’t go to the meeting tomorrow,________.

A.he will, too B.he won’t, either C.he does, too, D.he doesn’t,either

九年级上册Module 11---12



1.There is too much p__________ (污染)around us.

2. An i___________ (增长的)population is an environmental problem in many countries.

3. Let’s look up some f__________ (事实)about the problems.

4. How was your a____________ (约定)with the head teacher?

5. Who is going to p___________(颁奖) the prizes?

6. It was e____________(昂贵的) to live in the center of Arnwick.

7. The city government decided to build f________(公寓)around the edge of the city.

8. The small l_____(内地的) school closed in Parkville closed down five years ago.

9. This a_________(增加) to the traffic and pollution.

10.There will be more and more p________(私人的) cars.

11. My new trousers are a bit t_____________(紧的).

12. Your a______________(住处) is with American families.

13. You are coming to watch Crazy Feet r__________ (录制)its latest CD.

14. We p_________(提供) summer English courses which are the best you can find.

15. Our teachers are w__________(练习有素的) and very experienced.

16. If you prefer, we can a____________(布置) hotel accommodation.

17. You can also go to v____________(差异的) shopping centers.

18. There are also weekend visits o__________(组织) to San Francisco.

19. Fill in our a___________ (申请)form where you will also find our list of prices.

20. We publish our magazines w__________(每周一次).

二. 重点词组


1.along with ____________ 2. thanks to ____________

3. add to ____________ 4. look up ______________

5. come toward sb. _______ 6. come up _________ ____

7. present the prizes _______ 8. be close to ____________

9. have a better life ________ 10. protect…from…____________

11. be free from___________ 12. a great number of ___________

13.because of ____________ 14.at the end of the school term _____

15. work hard to do sth. _____ 16. at the same time ______________

17. move to ____________ 18. more and more people _________

19.make progress __________ 20. a pair of trousers ______________

21.fill in _________ 22. check in _________________

23. the whole class __________ 24. fly to ______________

25.give a warm welcome to sb.________ 26. do an English course ___________

27at the beginning of ______________ 28.plenty of ____________________

29. by the end of….._______________ 30.take place ____________________




An _______ __________ is an ______________problem in many countries ., _________ __________ the crowds , the smoke and _____ _________ problems .


You know the school_____________ is ________ _______ next week .

3.多亏了Homework Help, 我们得到了这个出格奖项。

_________ ______ Homework Help,, we_________ the _______prize .


It was a _______country village ___ ____ ______ ____ the country , at that time , they had a small house ____ _____ ______ ______ town, ____some fields and the hills _____ _____ ______


People from the countryside began to_______ _____ the big city to ______ ______ and have a better life , of course they needed ______ _________ ______ _________ .


In the big city , there _____ ______ _________ for small houses any more .


The small local school________ _______ five years ago .


It _________ Jo an hour___ _____ ______ school and this _____ _______ the traffic and pollution , but it is not her________.


There _______ ____ _______ more shops and offices and ______ _________ cars .

10. 打点一个多半会,掩护人们不受犯法的侵害是一项很难的事情。

It is difficult ____ ________ a big city and to __________ people ______ _______.


There ______ ________ great changes to our city _____ ____ ________ 50 years .

12. 很多国度的人口增长很是快,正因为如此,此刻提供应人们足够的事情很难。

The population of many countries is ____________quickly , _________ ____this , it is difficult ______ ___________enough jobs which people needed .

13.请热烈接待Becky Wang。

Please ____ __ _______ ________ ________ Becky Wang !


I am ________ to _______ ______ _________ today .


We________ summer English courses_______ ________ are the best you can find .


Our teachers are ________ and very ____________.


You live with an American families and you _____ _____ ______ American life .you_______ _________with an American family and _____ _____ ________with them .


There are also_______ ________ ____________ to San Francisco and other______ ____ ___________ in California .


If you are__________, please ________ _______our application form .


The course_____ ___ ________ _______ one month before it begins .

四. 重点语法讲练



2. 用法:

a. a/an:暗示_______的观念;暗示_______观念;指或人或某物,但不详细指。

Eg. 1)._______ reporter wants to see you outside.

2).There is _______ “h” in the word hour.

b. the:暗示______指,凡是用于专有名词前;唯一无二的事物前;姓氏前暗示一家人;第一流前;序数词前等。

Eg. 1.The Great Wall is one of _______ greatest wonders in the world.

2._______ earth goes around ________ sun.

c. 零冠词:所谓零冠词就是不消冠词。一般说来不行数名词、复数名词前不消冠词;有些牢靠搭配中不消冠词。

Eg. 1.He goes to school __________ every day.

A. on bus B. by the bus C. by bus D. by a bus

2.People are moving from _____countryside to ______big towns and cities.

A. a, a B. /,/ C. the, the D. a, the

2. 数词


Eg. 1.There are about _________ students in their school.

A. two thousands B. two thousands of C. two thousand D.thousand of

2.She was born in _________ century.

A. twentieth B. twenty C. the twentieth D. the twenty

3. 主谓一致

1. 语法一致:主语是复数,谓语动词也用复数;主语是三单,谓语动词也用三单。

Eg. A flight from Hefei to Beijing __________ at ten every time.

A.left B. leave C. leaves D. is leaving


Eg. The rest of the money __________ to the charity up to now.

A. was given B. has been given C. have given D.are given

3. 非凡句型的主谓一致:

Eg. 1).There_____a table and four chairs in the room.

A. are B. is C. has D. have

2).I have got some photos of the boy who _______ the guitar on the left.

A. play B. plays C. is played D. playing


1.David helps his mother with the housework every Saturday for about____.

A. one and half hours B. a half and an hour

C. an hour and half D. one and a half hours

2. This is a ____building, which is about ____ high.

A. six-storey; 38 metre B. six-storeys; 38-metre

C. six-storeyed; 38 metres D. six-storey; 38-metres

3. John spent too much time talking on ___phone while we were all busy at ___work.

A. the; / B. a; / C. / ; / D. the; the

4. You can have ____ second try if you fail ____ first time.

A. the; / B. / ; a C. the; a D. a; the

5. I didn’t tell him____ news at once because I wanted to give him ____ surprise.

A. a; a B. the; the C. the; a D. / ; the

6. — Who is your English teacher?

— Mr. White, ____ European working in ____ Nanjing University.

A. an; the B. a; the C. an; / D. a; /

7. When we study a globe, we can see ____ is the largest ocean and ____ the largest continent.

A. the Pacific; Asia B. Pacific; the Asia

C. the Pacific; the Asia D. Pacific; Asia

8. According to the recent reports, one of the rare animals, _____ crocodile is in _____ danger of dying out.

A. the; the B. the; / C. / ; / D. / ; the

9. I don’t know who invented ___ telescope,but I think it is ___ most useful invention.

A. the; the B. the; a C. a; the D. a; a

10. Things of ____ kind come together; people of a mind fall into ____ same group.

A. a; a B. a; the C. the; the D. the; a


V。 单项选择

1.-Could I speak to Mr Green, please?

-Sorry. The Greens have _____ Paris for two weeks. They went there for holidays.

A. went to B. been in C. gone to D. been to

2. I was ________ the drawing and bought it for 3,000 pounds.

A. good at   B. famous for C. interested in    D. amazed at

3. - You’ve given us a wonderful Chinese dinner, Mrs Fang. -___________

A. Oh, I’m afraid I didn’t cook well. B. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

C. It’s not necessary for you to say so. D. It doesn’t matter.

4. -How many more oranges can I have?

-You can have one more. ______are for Tom.

A. The others B. Another C. Others D. The other

5. -Which do you prefer, apples or pears? -________. I’d like some oranges.

A. Yes, both B. Neither, thanks C. Sure, I would D. No, please

6. Mr. Hu teaches _____English and we all like_____ .

A. our, he B. us, him C. we, him D. us, he

7.The windows _____every day.

A. clean B. must clean C. cleaned D. are cleaned


1. When and where to go for holiday _____yet l

A. are not decided B. have not been decided

C. is not being decided D, has not been decided

2. Jenny with her parents ______ going to visit the USA tomorrow .

A is B, am C. are D. was

3. Neither Tom nor I ______ a basketball player .

A. am B. is C. are D. be

4. The bad news _____ too much for her , She began to cry .

A, be B. was C. were D. are

5. A large number of students in this school _____ from the country , they work very hard .

A. come B. comes C. came D. coming

6. How time flies ! Three years ______ really a short time .

A. is B. are C. was D. were

7. Mr Green with his friend who ____ from the UK _____ paying his first visit to China .

A. comes ; is B. is ; is C. come , are D. are ; are

8. Everyone except Bill and Jim ______ there when the meeting began .

A. was B. is C. are D. were

9. One—third of the area _____ covered with green trees, About 70% of the trees ____ been looked after well .

A. are ; have B. is ;has C. is ; have D. are ;has

10. The number of teachers in our school ____ greatly increased since last year, a number of teachers in this school ______ from the countryside .

A. has ; is B. has; are C. have ; are D. have ; is

11. Not only he but also we ______ right . He as well as we _____ right .

A. are , are B. are ; is C. is ; is D. is ; are

12. Each person ____ asked to help when the fire broke out .

A. is B. was C. are D. were

13. Physics ____ more interesting than maths , I think .

A. are B. is C. was D, were

14, Climbing hills _____ of great help to our health .

A. is B. are C. were D. be

15. Her family ____ much larger than mine four years ago . her family ____ dancing and singing when I came in last night .

A. were ; was B. was , were C. was . was D. were ; were