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摘要:进修是一个边学新常识边固定的进程,对学过的常识必然要多加操练,这样才气进步。因此,佳构编辑老师为各人整理了 中考英语一轮温习试题 ,供各人参考。 单项填空 1. (2015福州



1. (2015·福州模仿)After two days, our food ________ , and we had to return to the camp.

A. gave in       B. gave away

C. gave out D. gave up

【理会】选C。句意: 两天后我们的食物用完了, 我们不得不返回营地。give out用光, 耗尽; give in屈服; give away泄露; give up放弃。

2. Not only food and clothes but also some necessary equipment ________ sent to the disaster-hit area since the powerful earthquake occurred.

A. has been B. have been

C. is being D. are being

【理会】选A。观察主谓一致。句意: 自从强有力的地动产生后, 一些须要的设备、食物和衣物被送到了灾区。这里的谓语和就近的some necessary equipment一致, 所以用单数形式。not only A but also B布局中谓语动词单复数和B一致。时间状语为since+一般已往时从句, 所以谓语动词要用完成时。


Not only ________ the activity ________ public awareness of world hunger, but raised a lot of money for the poor children.

A. /; has increased B. is; increased

C. has; increased D. /; increased

【理会】选C。句意: 这次勾当不只加强了公家对世界饥饿的认识, 并且为贫穷的孩子召募了许多资金。not only. . . but(also). . . 不只……并且……, not only置于句首时, 地址分句用部门倒装。

3. (2015·合肥模仿)—What a pity! I missed The Voice of China last night.

—Don’t worry. It ________ again this weekend.

A. broadcasts B. will be broadcast

C. is broadcast D. will broadcast

【理会】选B。观察动词的时态和语态。句意: ——何等遗憾啊! 我昨天晚上错过了《中国好声音》。——别担忧。这个周末还会重播的。按照语境和时间状语this weekend可知, 此处应用一般未来时的被动语态, 故B项正确。

4. She spoke very confidently because she wanted to make a great ________ on her employer.

A. influence B. effort

C. impression D. effect

【理会】选C。句意: 她很是自信地措辞因为她想给店主留下好的印象。make an impression on sb. 给或人留下印象; influence影响; effort尽力; effect结果。

5. Thomas was ________ of having stolen a famous painting worth $100 million by Da Vinci.

A. accused B. charged C. punished D. scolded

【理会】选A。句意: 托马斯被控诉偷了达芬奇所画的一幅代价1亿美元的名画。四个选项中只有accuse和of搭配。accuse sb. of sth. 控诉或人某事; charge sb. with sth. 指控或人某事; punish sb. for sth. 因某事而处罚或人; scold sb. for sth. 因某事而责备或人。

6. An interesting suggestion for measuring the atmosphere around Mars has been ________ .

A. put back B. put off

C. put up D. put forward

【理会】选D。句意: 有人已经提出一项丈量火星周围大气层的饶有趣味的发起。put forward提出; put back放回原处; put off推迟; put up举起, 搭建。

7. We were in the same primary school for six years but now his name ________ me.

A. escaped B. forgot

C. left D. fled

【理会】选A。句意: 我们在同一所小学上了六年, 可是此刻我记不住他的名字了。escape被遗忘, 主语为物; forget健忘, 主语为人; leave分开; flee逃离。

8. (2015·福州模仿)Black holes ________ not be seen directly, so determining the number of them is a tough task.

A. can B. should C. must D. need

【理会】选A。can意为“可以或许”, 暗示黑洞是不能直接被瞥见的。should意为“应该”, 暗示因责任、须要、义务、道义、原则等方面的原因而应该做的事。must意为“必需”, 暗示出于职责、义务该做某事或出于主观意识而必需要做某事。need意为“需要”。

9. (2015·衢州模仿)The weather in Quzhou is rather cold in winter, especially ________ that in my hometown. A. having compared to B. comparing to

C. compare to D. compared to

【理会】选D。句意: 衢州的冬天是相当冷的, 尤其是把它和我的老家的气候对较量的时候。按照题意可知, 句子的主语是weather, 与compare之间组成被动干系, 此处是已往分词作状语。

10. The bus stop at my block corner is very ________ , where I take a ride easily to school every morning.

A. necessary B. comfortable

C. convenient D. practical

【理会】选C。句意: 我们街区拐角四周的民众汽车站很利便, 天天早晨我在那儿可以很容易坐车去上学。convenient利便达到的, 利便的; necessary须要的; comfortable舒服的; practical实用的。

11. —How did you find the London Eye during your visit to London as an exchange student?

— ________ ! It impressed me very much.

A. Regretting B. Amazing

C. Frustrating D. Amusing


【理会】选B。句意: ——在你作为一个互换生旅行伦敦期间, 你认为伦敦眼摩天轮怎么样? ——很是棒! 它给我留下的印象很是深刻。A项为动词regret的此刻分词; amazing惊人的, 很棒的, 了不得的; frustrating令人沮丧的; amusing有趣的, 引人发笑的。

12. I can finish the work alone! I feel much more ________ about myself and my abilities these days after training in this field. A. confident B. energetic

C. generous D. curious

【理会】选A。观察形容词辨析。句意: 我能本身完成这项事情! 颠末这方面的练习后, 这些天来我对本身和本身的本领越发自信了。confident自信的, 确信的, 切合句意。energetic精神充沛的; generous慷慨的, 大方的; curious好奇的, 均与题意不符。

13. (2015·无锡模仿)The pleasant weather ________ our pleasure. We had a wonderful time during our holiday.

A. added up to B. added in

C. added up D. added to

【理会】选D。句意: 怡人的天气增添了我们的兴趣。我们假期过得很愉快。add to增添; add up to总计到达; add in把……包罗在内; add up把……加起来。

14. (2015·福州模仿)With the word“PM2. 5” ________ appearing in media reports, people pay greater attention to it and seek health tips for hazy days.

A. constantly B. instantly

C. rarely D. directly

【理会】选A。句意: 跟着“PM2. 5”这个词频繁呈此刻媒体的报道中, 人们越发存眷这个词, 并寻找应对雾霾天气的康健发起。constantly常常地, 不绝地, 切合题意; instantly立即; rarely稀有地; directly直接地。

15. He has got the job because he has the advantage ________ others of knowing many languages.

A. against B. beyond C. over D. above

【理会】选C。句意: 他获得了那份事情, 因为他懂许多语言, 比别人有优势。have the advantage over优于, 胜过, 占优势