世界杯赌球术语:高二英语下册第二单位Working the land同步温习题

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高中英语是中国对英语教诲阶段的一个部门构成。佳构小编筹备了高二英语下册第二单位Working the land同步温习题,详细请看以下内容。


1.Practising Chinese kung fu can not only__________one’s strength,but also develop one’s character.

A.bring up        B.take up up       D.pull up

理会:选C。句意:练中国工夫不只能加强人的气力,还能造就人的性格。build up one’s strength为牢靠短语,意为“加强或人的气力”。

2.Congratulations!It seemed that our boss was __________ with your work today.

A.dishonest      B.confused

C.satisfied       D.disturbed

理会:选C。按照Congratulations!可知句意为:老板对你的事情感想满足。be satisfied with对……感想满足。

3.It was obvious that the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen became the __________ of media attention.

A.discovery      B.focus

C.summary      D.comment


4.It is __________ ill health that she is now not so active in the movement.

A.instead of place of

C.thanks to face of

理会:选C。观察短语辨析。thanks to因为,由于。此句用了强调句型It is...that...,强调thanks to ill health。instead of取代,而不是……;in place of取代,代替;in face of面临。

5.Progress so far has been very good.We are ________ confident that the work will be completed on time.

A.otherwise      B.therefore

C.however      D.somehow


6.The __________ of the passengers survived in the traffic accident except a woman and two children.

A.quantity       B.variety

C.number       D.majority

理会:选D。观察名词词义辨析。语境暗示大大都搭客都幸免于难,因此用the majority of;A项暗示“数量”;B项暗示“多样”;C项搭配暗示“……的数目”。

7.Leaders of many countries have been trying to __________ what it is that makes China develop so fast.

A.carry out      B.figure out out      D.make out

理会:选B。观察动词短语辨析。figure out算出;领略;想出,切合题意。

8.People should open the window in the morning to make air __________ in order to keep the indoor air fresh.

A.spread       B.remove

C.float       D.circulate


9.The population of Africa is __________ so rapidly as to cause concern of the whole world.

A.expanding      B.stretching

C.extending      D.spreading


10.At times the balance in nature is __________,resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects.

A.confused      B.puzzled

C.disturbed      D.troubled



1.The manager has made a command that the club ________________(配备)complete amusement facilities which will give you endless enjoyment.(equip)

理会:观察虚拟语气。此处demand引导同位语从句,从句布局要用“(should) +动词原形”。

谜底:(should)be equipped with

2.I would rather I ________________ (没有看)the football match last night with my friends.Otherwise,I would have finished my paperwork by now.(watch)

理会:观察虚拟语气。Would rather sb. had done sth.意为“真甘愿做了某事该有多好啊”。

谜底:not have watched

3.To my complete shock,I was consistently one of the last ________________(被邀请的).(invite)


谜底:to be invited

4.The house rent is expensive.I’ve got about half the space I had at home and I’m paying ________________(三倍多).(as)

理会:观察倍数与省略。“三倍”可表达为three times as much as,本句是一种省略表达。

谜底:three times as much

5.—Robert is indeed a wise man.

—Oh,yes.How often I have regretted ______________________(没有听他的发起)!(take)

理会:观察非谓语动词。regret doing/having done意为“反悔做某事”。

谜底:not taking his advice

6.My hope is that by the time next year I ______________________(体重减轻10公斤).(reduce)

理会:观察动词时态。由by the time next year可知谜底。

谜底:will have reduced my weight 10 kilos

7.In spite of the joking around the little girl kept ________________(留意力会合在讲座上).(focus)

理会:观察keep用法。Keep sth. done意为“使……被做”。

谜底:her attention focused on the lecture

8.It was because of his driving after drinking too much ________________(导致了变乱).(lead)

理会:观察强调句型。本句是强调布局,由短语lead to可知谜底。

谜底:that led to the accident

9.I looked forward to the time ________________(我会离开)all desire and can give myself without hindrance to my work.(free)

理会:观察定语从句。“离开”可表达为be free from,本题是定语从句,先行词是time且从句缺少状语,故用when。

谜底:when I shall be free from

10.The prices ________________(上涨)all the time and no one knows when it will become stable.(go)

理会:观察动词时态。“上涨”可表达为go up;由all the time and no one knows when it will become stable可知是完成举办时。

谜底:have been going up


Words:292 难度系数:☆☆ 发起用时:12′


(2011年安徽合肥第一次质检)When your kids were six or seven,you sent them to school.Did you ever wonder what goes through a teacher’s__1__as he or she tries to teach your kids?Did you ever wonder what the teacher__2__from you,the parents?

Parents can be__3__or suspicious.They can be of great help to the teacher__4__be in need of help themselves.Some teachers think parents are too__5__on their children.Here is__6__one teacher puts it.

“I usually have the__7__of parents coming in and__8__me how much they care about the kids’ education and how they really__9__their kids.They tell me they stand and__10__ them closely when they do their homework.Sometimes they__11__offer help with the kids’ lessons as if they were teachers.They check their schoolwork,and are too sensitive to__12__.They blame the kids on everything having to do__13__school.When a parent asks me how his or her kid is getting on in my class,my answer usually is ‘Well,you know,he is__14__a good kid.He is fine in my class.Maybe you don’t have to be so__15__with your kid.’”

Teachers want parents to know that they are professionals at__16__with children.They have__17__many children and even parents.Because of this,teachers can be__18__at educating children.Teachers are__19__that parents want their children to do well,but they know more about what children should be able to do at different ages and__20__.

【解题导语】 家长对本身方才上学的孩子抱有很大的但愿,因此对孩子很是存眷,可是老师究竟是教诲孩子的专家,他们对孩子的教诲是很专业的,所以家长不必担忧本身的孩子在学校的进修环境。

1.A.heart         B.mind

C.soul       D.spirit


2.A.reflects      B.results

C.benefits      D.expects


3.A.effective      B.attentive

C.supportive     D.positive


4.A.but       B.or



5.A.hard       B.keen

C.dependent     D.crazy




C.when      D.why


7.A.problems      B.contracts

C.accidents      D.agreements


8.A.advising      B.examining

C.telling      D.instructing

理会:选C。通过语式阐明可知此处应该和前面的coming in组成顺承干系,故用telling。一些家长过来汇报我……。 with with

C.make up      D.give up

理会:选B。下文报告的是家长们是如何存眷和教诲本身的孩子的,故此处应该用deal with“应对,处理惩罚”。

10.A.connect      D.inspire


11.A.even       B.already

C.still      D.merely


12.A.marks      B.efforts

C.pains   D.words

理会:选A。文中讲的是家长对本身的孩子的体贴。家长对孩子的体贴无非是孩子的生长和进修后果,因此此处应该用marks“后果,分数”。       B.beyond       D.with

理会:选D。他们就与学业有关的一切责备孩子。be/have to do with sb./sth.是牢靠用法,暗示“体贴,与……有关”。

14.A.nearly      B.really

C.seldom      D.hardly


15.A.satisfied      B.careful

C.strict      D.cautious

理会:选C。be strict with“对……严格”,是牢靠搭配,此处与前面第二段的倒数第二句照应。

16.A.working      B.playing

C.staying      D.joking


17.A.fed       B.observed

C.attended     D.greeted


18.A.pleased      B.worried

C.disappointed     D.experienced

理会:选D。老师在教诲孩子方面是很有履历的,be experienced at“对……有履历”,是牢靠搭配。其余选项不合题意。

19.A.content      B.doubtful

C.aware      D.suspicious


20.A.stages      B.classes

C.schools      D.projects



Words:511 难度系数:☆☆ 发起用时:6′

(2011年天津河西区检测)I used to watch her from my kitchen window.She seemed so small as she muscled her way through the crowd of boys on the playground.The school was across the street from our home and I would often watch the kids as they played during break.I remember the first day I saw her playing basketball.I watched in wonder as she ran circles around the other kids.She managed to shoot jump shots just over their heads and into the net.The boys always tried to stop her but no one could.I began to notice her at other times,basketball in hand,playing alone.


One day I asked her why she practiced so much.Without a moment of hesitation she said,“I want to go to college.The only way I can go is to get a scholarship.I am going to play college basketball.I want to be the best.My daddy told me if the dream is big enough,the facts don’t count.”Well,I had to give it to her—She was determined.I watched her through those junior high years and into high school.Every week,she led her school team to victory.

One day in her senior year,I saw her sitting in the grass,head in her arms.I walked across the street and sat down in the cool grass beside her.Quietly I asked what was wrong.“Oh,nothing,” came a soft reply,“I am just too short.” The coach told her that at 5’5” she would probably never get to play for a top ranked team—much less offered a scholarship.So she should stop dreaming about college.She was heartbroken and I felt my own throat tighten as I sensed her disappointment.I asked her if she had talked to her dad about it yet.She told me that her father said those coaches were wrong.They just did not understand the power of a dream.He told her that if she truly wanted a scholarship and that nothing could stop her except one thing—her own attitude.

The next year,as she and her team went to the Northern California Championship game,she was offered a scholarship and on the college team.She was going to get the college education that she had dreamed of.

【解题导语】 本文报告了一个小女孩为了实现本身的空想而拼搏、格斗,最终如愿以偿的故事。汇报我们一个原理:假如有空想,有恒心,一切皆有大概。

1.The author was probably the girl’s __________.

A.neighbor        B.friend

C.mother       D.teacher

理会:选A。按照第一段首句“I used to watch her from my kitchen window.”以及第二段首句“One day I asked her why she practiced so much.”可知作者常常能看到这个女孩,但对她又不相识,所以最有大概的是她的邻人,故选A。

2.Why was the girl heartbroken?

A.She was considered too short to be a top player.

B.Her coach stopped her training because of her height.

C.She couldn’t be on a college basketball team.

D.She wouldn’t be admitted by an ideal college.

理会:选A。从文中第三段中的“I am just too short.”可知谜底。

3.We can learn from the passage that__________.

A.her family wouldn’t like to pay her college fees

B.her father forced her to play basketball in college

C.being a top basketball player can win you a scholarship for college

D.she wouldn’t like to turn to his father for help when in difficulty

理会:选C。从第三段中的“she would probably never get to play for a top ranked team—much less offered a scholarship.”可以得知谜底为C。

4.Which word can best describe her father?

A.Encouraging.     B.Optimistic.

C.Stubborn.      D.Cruel.

理会:选A。从“My daddy told me if the dream is big enough,the facts don’t count.”“...her father said those coaches were wrong.They just did not understand the power of a dream.He told her that if she truly wanted a scholarship and that nothing could stop her except one thing—her own attitude.”可以推出谜底为A。

5.Which proverb best matches the story?

A.Practice makes perfect.

B.Rome was not built in a day.

C.Where there is a will,there is a way.

D.Pride comes before a fall.


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