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Night after night, she came to tuck me in, even long after my childhood years.Followi ng her longstanding custom, she'd lean down and push my long hair out of the way, then kiss my forehead.

夜复一夜,她老是来帮我来盖被子,纵然我早已长大。这是妈妈的恒久习惯,她老是弯下身来,拨开我的长发,在我 的额上一吻。

I don't remember when it first started annoying me —— her hands pushing my hair that way. But it did annoy me, for they felt work-worn and rough against my young skin. Finally, one night, I lashed out at her:"Don't do that anymore —— your hands ar e too rough!" She didn't say anything in reply.But never again did my mo ther close out my day with that familiar expression of her love.Lying awake long afterward, my words haunted me.But pride stifled my conscience, and I didn't tell her I was sorry.

我不记得从何时起,她拨开我的头发令我很是不耐心。但简直,我讨厌她恒久操劳、粗拙的手摩擦我细嫩的皮肤。最后,一天晚上,我冲她叫: “别再这样了——你的手太粗拙了!”她什么也没说。但妈妈再也没有象这样对我表达她的爱。直到好久今后,我照旧常想起我的那些话。但自尊占了上风,我没有汇报她我很反悔。

Time after time, with the passing years, my thoughts returned to that night.By then I missed my m other's hands, missed her goodnight kiss upon my forehead.Sometimes the incident seemed very close, sometimes far away.But always it lurked, hauntingly, in t he back of my mind. [来历:学|科|网Z|X|X|K]


Well, the yea rs have passed, and I'm not a little girl anymore.Mom is in her mid-seventies, and those hands I once thought to be so rough are still doing things for me and my family.She's been our doctor, reaching into a medicine cabinet for the remedy to c alm a young girl's stomach or soothe a boy's scraped knee. She cooks the best fried chicken in the world…… gets stains out of blue jeans like I never could……and still insists on di shing out ice cream at any hour of the day or night. [来历:学科网]

一年年已往,我也不再是一个小女孩,妈妈也有70多岁了。那双我认为很粗拙的手依然为我和我家庭做着事。她是我家的大夫,为我女儿在药橱里找胃药或在我儿子擦伤的膝盖上敷药。她能烧出世界上最鲜味的鸡…… 将牛仔裤弄清洁而我却永远不能……并且可以在任何时候盛出冰激凌。

Through the years, my mother's hands have put in countless hours of toil, and most of hers were before automatic washers!


Now, my own children are grown and gone. Mom no longer has Dad, and on special occasions, I find myself drawn next door to spend the night with her. So it was that late on Thanksgiving Eve, as I drifted into sleep in the bedroom of my youth, a familiar hand hesitantly stole across my face to brush the hair from my forehead.Then a kiss, ever so gently, touched my brow.

此刻,我的孩子都已经长大,分开了 家。爸爸归天了,有些时候,我睡在妈妈的隔邻房间。一次戴德节前夕的深夜,我睡在年青时的卧室里,一只熟悉的手有些踌躇地、暗暗地略过我的脸,从我额头上拨开头发,然后一个吻,轻轻地印在我的眉毛上。

In my memory, for the thousandth time, I recalled the night my surly young voice complained:"Don't do that anymore —— your hands are too rough!" Catching Mom's hand in hand, I blurted out how sorry I was for that night.I thought she'd remember, as I did.But Mom didn't know what I was talking about.She had forgotten —— and forgiven —— long ago.

在我的影象中,无数次,想起那晚我粗暴、年轻的声音:“别再这样了——你的手太粗拙了!”抓住妈妈的手,我冲口而出因为那晚,我是何等反悔。我觉得她想起来了,象我一样。但妈妈不知道我在说些 什么。她已经在好久以前就忘了这事,并早就原谅了我。

That night, I fell asleep with a new appreciation for my gentle mother and her caring hands.And the guilt I had carried around for so long was nowhere to be found.


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